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We were founded in 2012, from the beginning of two or three people's studio, growing up to millions of companies.


We create a user experience with infection and influence. Impact on product value by design

Wenzhou Boran Latex Products Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Boran Latex Products Co., Ltd. is located in Wenzhou Pingyang Wanquan Furniture Park. The factory covers an area of 30, 000 square meters
we are professional manufacturer of natural latex products and also integrate modern management,design ,research&development,production,and sales. All natural latex raw materials ar...
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We will be business goals, technology, emotional links to integrate into the user experience design, improve product value.


Responsive website cloud platform for each enterprise can easily create a suitable site for their own

Statement: Our company does not sell all kinds of latex pillows and mattresses on any website.
Wenzhou the latex foam chamber of Commerce was established in May 18, 2017.

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